Aragon Premium Launches Premium Resources

As a content creator and affiliate marketer, you need to promote the right products or services that are relevant to your audience so you can effectively monetize your content.

However, finding the right brand to align with, as well as creating all the content and promotional materials for a successful campaign can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

After working with hundreds of publishers, we understand the exact challenges you’re facing and that’s why we’re so excited to launch our Premium Resources designed exclusively for participants of the Aragon Premium Affiliate Program.

Premium Resources consists of three main components:

Premium Programs

As a member of Aragon Premium, you have access to offers from reputable advertisers that we have carefully selected to participate in our program.

You can use the quick finder feature to identify the right offers for your audience. You can also filter programs by category (e.g., apps, side hustles, banking, health insurance, etc.) or by label (e.g., insurance, beauty, budget management, etc.) to see a list of available offers.

Then, you can click on each offer to learn more (e.g., brief program description, allowed traffic, and traffic restrictions,) view the program details, and apply to the program.

Content Hub

Starting from a blank page can be the most challenging part of content creation. But you don’t have to when you can access the pre-written blurbs, one-liners, and blog posts on the Content Hub.

The Premium Content includes ready-to-go blogs, “blurbs” about advertisers that can easily fit in into articles, as well as CTA and links you can use to monetize your content.

You can use the materials as a starting point for creating your own content, post them as-is, or modify them to align with your brand. You’ll save a lot of time and efforts without missing important details about the offers.

Not quite sure what to write about?

Get inspiration using the quick finder to search affiliate programs by category (e.g., apps, debt management, insurance, subscription box) or by label (e.g., 401k, bill negotiation, cash rewards, finance, gaming) and then use the pre-written content to help quickly monetize your website.

Premium Trending Offers

Feel like a kid in a candy store when you’re browsing our affiliate programs and not sure where to begin?

The Premium Trending Offers feature will show you what’s hot.

In a glance, you can see each offer’s category, geo(s), CPA, average CR, weekly change in CR, average EPC, weekly change in EPC, and trending level. You can also search by keyword or sort by category and geo(s) to find the right offers for your audience.

For example, if you have a website that focuses on personal finance topics, you can search for available offers in the “save money” category to see what products and services are trending.

Join Aragon Premium

Aragon Premium is an advertising network for top-tier influencers and content creators with a focus on premium content marketing partnerships. It’s designed for publishers who have a large following and want to monetize their content.

With expertise in fintech and lifestyle personal finance apps & services, we have lined up reputable advertisers with the right offers for your audience.

See how Aragon Premium can help you monetize your content here.