Aragon Advertising was founded in May 2012 and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. We call the Big Apple home, but our network of clients extends worldwide. From day one, we are committed to providing performance marketing services that deliver sustainable results. We know when we help our clients succeed, we succeed.

Our team is made up of digital marketing, creative, and technology experts who offer infinite value to our clients. Our core specialties are affiliate marketing, lead generation, and pay-per-call verticals. If we see an opportunity to find you, potential customers, we explore it. We work 24/7 to ensure we are increasing your ROI while assuring all communication and messaging maintains the highest degree of brand identity.

If you are interested in learling more, we'd love to chat, so call us at 646-525-4019.

Meet the Team

Todd Stearn
Jake Sheppard
Director of Creative & Development
Eric Famoso
Director of Sales
Arun Rajendran
Associate Director of Monetization
Alex Chiefetz
SEM Manager
Matt Larson
Sr. Account Manager
Alex Nettheim
Manager, Paid Media
Chandler Andrewsen
Account Manager
Alec Stearn
Affiliate Manager
Christina Biagioli
Email Marketing Manager
Jonathan Lobo
Accounting Manager
Valerie Dubrovsky
Account Manager
Maureen Burton
Account Manager
Lisa George
Affiliate Coordinator
Bilal Amenkour
Affiliate Manager
M.E. Hoagland
Web Designer
Kaitlyn Standfest
Junior Affiliate Manager
Mark Ryan
Junior Media Buyer
Arturo Fernández Malagón
Junior Account Manager

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