Is a division of The Aragon Company. Our team provides cost-per-acquisition mobile marketing solutions that deliver results for your brand. We believe in maintaining strong partnerships by offering source transparency to ensure success. Trust us to help your brand succeed with transparent and effective mobile marketing solutions through...


Display Unlock awareness and engagement through in-app and on-device advertising at massive scales with detailed targeting, utilizing creative to exceed your branding and awareness goals.

Paid Social

Paid Social Maximize your brand's reach and engagement through our paid social campaigns, generating leads and driving conversions to stay top of mind with your target audience.

Direct App

Direct App Promote your app directly to highly engaged users through relevant app partnerships, driving increased downloads and higher engagement.


Influencer Expand your brand’s reach and attract new audiences by partnering with high-quality publishers and content creators, leveraging their audiences to increase visibility and drive traffic.

Loyalty &

Loyalty & Rewarded Increase engagement and retention with loyalty and rewarded traffic, incentivizing users to interact with your app or website through optimized campaigns offering exclusive content and discounts.


DIRECT CARRIER Maximize conversion rates and ROI by leveraging powerful direct carrier partners, providing personalized targeting and messaging to reach users directly.


Programmatic Marketing Reach your target audience as our experts manage multiple programmatic channels to bring you premium in-app inventory from top apps, delivering high-quality installs for your campaign.



Aragon Premium is a transparent mobile performance agency for both startups and established brands who want to expand their user acquisition marketing through top publishers. Through state-of-the-art tracking, detailed reporting, hands-on optimizations, and active recruiting, Premium clients expand their channel without heavy costs.


Our network consists of paid media & SEO-focused publishers that are highly ranked on Google and share quality content via social media and websites, as well as mobile in-app buyers. Through partnerships with big names like Finance Buzz, Business Insider and more, your brand will feature on the first page of Google on highly competitive keywords.

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Paid Social Only inventory sources that have been carefully screened for brand safety and are high quality are integrated with our platform. We aim to stop fraud before it happens by a collection of third-party tools that connect directly into your MMP and scan our data in real-time.


Working with Pat & Braeden and the rest of the Aragon Premium team has been both a pleasure, and highly impactful to our business. Networks that broker traffic can often be misleading regarding traffic sources, but AP is the most transparent network we have ever worked with. Additionally, it’s consistently among the top 5% of networks in our portfolio in terms of LTV. We’re always asking them to increase volume!


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