The Aragon performance marketing network contains independent publishers and affiliate media buyers from all walks of life. Our distribution partners know working with Aragon means working with dedicated Affiliate Managers, getting industry high payouts on our direct offers, and earning payments faster.

Verticals & Industries We Focus On

Mobile Apps
Health Insurance
Auto Insurance
Mobile Subscription
Market Research
Browser Extensions
Home Services

Advantages of Working with Us

Exclusive Campaigns

Our sales team, creatives, and strategists all work together to close unique AOR programs or build our own high-performing offers from the ground up.

Fast Offer Approvals

Waiting for approval on an offer can be a slog but Aragon is constantly fine-tuning this process, utilizing outside services and building custom workflows to ensure you get live before the opportunity passes by.

Proactive Affiliate Managers

Aragon’s Affiliate Managers are natural strategists, reviewing performance data actively to find areas of improvement and strategizing with our team and our advertisers to help you scale.

Incentivized Offers

Run incentivized traffic with one of the leading networks in content locking and virtual currency.

Global Reach

Affiliates from more than 120 countries work with Aragon to promote offers in over 100 unique markets.

In-House Creative

Aragon’s creative department can be contracted for custom landing pages, banners, ad copy, and more to be used on an exclusive basis.

Large Mobile Focus

We have over 5,000 mobile offers in 100+ countries.

Weekly Payouts

Support your ad spend and scale faster on our weekly net 4 payment schedule.

Referral Program

Earn 5% of all company profits for six months on any affiliates you refer to our network.

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