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CollegeBacker 529 Plan Created | CPA – Call to Action


Here are some great Call to Actions to add to any article that features CollegeBacker! Be sure to get your affiliate links from your manager first.

  • Nothing is more important than your child’s future. Check out CollegeBacker today and start creating a strong foundation with family and friends! 
  • Your child’s future is too important to go it alone. Take a look at CollegeBacker to learn how easy it is for friends and family to help grow college savings! 
  • It’s easy to set aside college funds with CollegeBacker! Discover how friends and family can help today create a comprehensive education investment account. 
  • When setting aside college savings for your child’s future, don’t take on the challenge alone.  Learn how your friends and family can help create a savings plan with CollegeBacker today. 
  • Do you know a child who needs help saving for school?  Contact CollegeBacker today and learn how family and friends can set aside college savings to help any child build a future. 
  • Every child deserves to have an education in his or her future. Take a look at CollegeBacker to help you set up a college savings account to ensure the future is bright! 
  • CollegeBacker is the perfect way to set aside college funds for your child.  With the help of friends and family, you can start building a better future for your children today! 
  • If you think it’s too difficult to set up an educational savings account for your child’s future, think again!  CollegeBacker is the easiest way for you, friends and family to save. 

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