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MoneyPatrol is an advanced Money Tracking, Monitoring, Alerting and Budgeting tool that securely monitors your financial accounts, helps you easily track your spending and manage your personal finances. MoneyPatrol’s AI engine actively monitors and analyzes financial transactions occurring on the user’s various financial accounts, and then alerts, notifies and shares insights with the user about the trends, patterns and anomalies it observed to inform and alert them. These data bytes empower users to take better financial decisions daily. MoneyPatrol’s advanced money dashboard can be easily accessed thru the web and mobile app platforms.

Pixel fires after user creates account, adds bank account, and submits credit card for free trial.

• Tier 1: $15

• Tier 2: $16 for 250 conversions/month

• Tier 3: $17 for 500 conversions/month

• Tier 4: $18 for 750 conversions/month

• Tier 5: $19 for 1,000 conversions/month

• Tier 6: $20 for 1,250 conversions/month

Bonus payout tiers are per affiliate, and base payout is reset to $15 at the start of each month

Traffic Allowed: Content / Influencer Marketing

Demographics:All of US

Value Points:

– Organize Finances: Users can connect all their bank, credit card, loan and investment accounts to see and manage all their finances at one place.

– Monitor Transactions: Users can see their transactional data history and can also verify the transactions empowering them to pay close attention to every transaction and spot suspicious or fraudulent charges, fees, etc.

– Receive Alerts and Insights: Users will receive text alerts and email insights about their transactions, expenses and income thus enabling them to stay informed and up-to-date on their finances.

– Create and Manage Budgets: Users can easily create and manage monthly Budgets at a category and merchant level to help monitor their spending at a monthly level. Alerts will be sent to the users to help them become aware if they are going over budget.

– Set and Get Bill Reminders: Users can set custom recurring Reminders about their Bills such as rent & mortgage payments, credit card payments and similar Bill Reminders. They will receive a text and email alert 2 days prior to the upcoming Bills enabling them to stay on top of their payments.

– Track Investments: Users can connect and track their Investment accounts such as Stock investments, 401K and Roth IRA contributions along with being able to view overall portfolio breakdown.

– Understand Money Flow: Users can easily understand their monthly In-flow and Out-flows along with Income and Expenses so that they can create a workable Savings plans for the future.

– Track Loans: Users can track all their loans such as Credit card loans, Line of Credit loans, Student loans, Auto loans and Mortgage loans so that they understand their liabilities and track the payments properly.

Creative Assets Available for MoneyPatrol US | CPA (fka AccountPatrol) – Content Pre-Approval Required Affiliate Program

  • MoneyPatrol CPA | Blog – “Money Patrol Review”
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  • MoneyPatrol Comparison of Key Features
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  • MoneyPatrol | Blog “MoneyPatrol Review”

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