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Category: Save Money

Label: clean energy , savings , solar , wind


Arcadia Power was created to give everyone a simple, free way to choose renewable energy.

Pixel fires when user connects his utility account

Traffic Allowed: Content / Influencer Marketing only

Traffic Restrictions: No incent, no adult.

Geo: US

Value points:

• Access clean energy and help the environment

• Automatically save on your power bill when a lower rate is available in your area

• No commitments, contracts, easy online sign-up

• Pay your power bill with no credit card fee, and earn your points

• Monitor your energy usage on a modern dashboard, refer friends for $, and get other ways you can save

Landing pages that perform well for reference of content that works:

Demographic Targeting: Renter or Homeowner with power bill – tends to do better with environmentally conscious millenials.

Creative Assets Available for Arcadia Power US | CPA Affiliate Program

  • Arcadia Power US | CPA – Banner | 600×300 “Clean Energy”

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