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Save up to $2,500/year on bills in two minutes. BillSlasher negotiates lower rates on your existing bills to save you money, time, and headaches.

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BillSlasher negotiates lower cable and cell phone bills for customers to save them money. The big selling point with Bill Slasher is that signing up takes 1-2 minutes and isn’t any risk to sign up because if we don’t save the customer money then it costs them nothing. Most people are unknowingly overpaying for cable and cell phone bills and our experts help our customers get the lowest possible rates with their existing service providers.

We’re happy to build custom landing pages upon request. Contact your Publisher Manager.

How BillSlasher Compares To Their Competitors: we are half the price of BillShark because we charge 40% of first year savings while they charge 40% of the first two years of savings. We also never downgrade customer plans without explicit permission whereas BillShark downgrades customer plans and then charges customers for the savings (something we believe is an unethical practice and a key detail that they’ve buried in section 14 their terms and conditions). We also caught them leaving fake reviews on our Facebook page which led to them being exposed in Forbes. we are 20% cheaper than BillFixers because we charge 40% of first year savings while they charge 50% of first year savings.

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