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Category: Credit Cards

Label: credit cards , personal finance


Credit card discovery is time consuming and imperfect. CardCruncher is the most comprehensive credit card recommendation tool on the market.

Pixel fires upon approved application

Payout: 80% network rev share (after CardCruncher gets paid by CreditCard company)

Three KPIs:

1) Partner on-site click-through rate: up to 8% CTR on the widget

2) Apply button clicks on between 10-20% Apply click rate for those that make it to the site

3) Successful applications: Last step / largest hurdle – about 5% (1/18th) are expected to fill out an application/get approved

Demographics: Young millennials (23-35) that are likely to have prime or better credit scores

Works well with sites and audiences centered around personal finance, travel content, and/or life events

Value Points/How it Works:

1. Users provide spending by either connecting bank accounts directly (via Plaid) or manual entry

2. Algorithm runs spending across hundreds of credit cards.

3. User is presented with a rank-ordered list of which credit cards they’d earn the most rewards on

– Plaid is an industry standard financial platform. No data is stored, the AI just crunches the numbers

– CardCruncher crunches all the data for you, analyzing up to two years of categorized transactions to calculate user’s “CrunchScore”.

– CardCruncher compares spending history to over 150 credit cards, factors in bonus amounts, annual spending credits, and fees to match to the most useful credit cards

– See how much cash back you would’ve earned on hundreds of credit cards, how to maximize your card usage, and so much more — all based on transaction history.

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