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Ellevest helps create an investment plan just for you. Get started today! Tell us about yourself and your goals in 5 short steps.

Conversion points:

1. Sign Up – – Payout: $2.40

2. eSign – – Payout: $60.00

Traffic Allowed: Content / Influencer Marketing only

Traffic Restrictions: No incent, no adult.

Geo: US


Talking points:

● Ellevest allows auto-deposits set up to coincide with paychecks, monthly or other frequencies

● Ellevest offers traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and SEP IRAs – which are fantastic for entrepreneurs, and are not a well-known option.

● A concierge team who assists with rolling over 401(k)s or 403(b)s from previous jobs.

● Ellevest is a goals-based platform, and offer a free financial plan for each goal you identify.

● For potential clients who just want to get started with a single goal, Ellevest offers a speedy signup process that bypasses the goal planner process.

● Ellevest’s app (currently for IOS only) will allow users the quickest possible signup for our build wealth accounts (taxable brokerage accounts).

● Ellevest has no minimum to get started, because we want investing to be accessible to all women.

● Ellevest has recently introduced a new Refer a Friend program, where clients receive $50 and their friends get $50 when they open an account at Ellevest.

● Invest in Under 10 Minutes: Tell Ellevest about yourself and your life goals in 5 short steps and they’ll make suggestions for each of your goals.

● No funny stuff. Ellevest is a fiduciary, which means by law, they act in their clients’ best interests, always.

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