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PocketSmith is a personal finance software solution that can let you track all of your accounts, such as checking, credit cards, student loans and investing accounts, and forecast your financial future at a glance. Its calendar function, which is modeled along the lines of Google’s, is a particular selling point.

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Secure automatic bank feeds

● Connect to banks all over the world and track accounts in multiple currencies.

● Add notes, labels, files, and pictures to your transactions, and further customize the automated categorization using rules and filters.

● Find transactions quickly with a powerful multi-criteria search engine and saved

Powerful budgeting, tracking, and reporting

● Build budgets your way with your own categories, flexible budget periods, nesting and roll-ups.

● If you’re short on time, use Auto-Budget to predict your budgets based on historical spending.

● Track your overall and per-category spending on the Trends page.

● Get better clarity across your finances with Income & Expense, Cashflow, and Net Worth statements.

● Check your finances on the run with our mobile apps. View accounts, categorize transactions and keep an eye on budgets from your mobile device!

30-year forecast of your daily account balances

● See your finances in a calendar.

● See future outcomes based on your current budgeted spend.

● Create and test what-if scenarios.

Basic, Premium and Super subscriptions.

PocketSmith currently offers 3 subscription levels:

● Basic is a free plan that tracks 2 accounts and manual transaction importing.

● Premium tracks up to 10 accounts with automatic bank feeds, with a 10-year forecast.

● Super tracks an unlimited number of accounts with automatic bank feeds, and offers a 30-year forecast.

All users have access to PocketSmith’s comprehensive Learn Centre as well as stellar customer service team.

Demographic targeting:

– People who have shown an insterst in personal finance, budgeting, saving and investing

– People who have kids and own their own home or are looking to buy a home

– People who may already be using existing products like Quicken, MS Money or Mint

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