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Label: bills management , budget management , budgeting , personal finance


Truebill’s goal is to take a holistic approach to understanding and taking hold of life’s finances by bridging the gap between education and action.

Pixel fires on first bill submission

Traffic Allowed: Content / Influencer Marketing only

Traffic Restrictions: No adult.

Geo: US Only

Demographic: 23+ y/o, self sufficient / financially independent

Value Points:

– Get a snapshot of your financial life: See your cash, credit, and investment balances at-a-glance. Keep track of what bills are coming up and stay on target for your monthly spending goals!

– Monitor & cancel unwanted subscriptions: 84% of people have subscriptions that they’ve forgotten about. We’ll help you easily find those and even help you cancel them!

– See where your money is going: We categorize your expenses for you so you’ll know where you’re spending your money, and keep track of your largest and most frequent expenses.

– Enjoy paying less for your cable and cell phone bills: Don’t overpay for your cell phone, cable, security, or other bills. Truebill will negotiate the lowest possible rate for you -no headaches, just savings! We even get you refunds when your internet goes down!

– Reach your savings goals with ease: We’ll help you automatically set aside funds for your savings goals while also making sure you still have the money you need on-hand.

Creative Assets Available for Truebill (Incent Allowed) US | CPA Affiliate Program

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