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Category: Investing

Label: investment , personal investing , savings


Twine empowers people to save more, save better, and save together.

Pixel fires on registered user (App install > email + phone numver)

Traffic Allowed: Influencer / Content Marketing

Traffic Restrictions: No incent, no brand bidding, no adult

Geo: US

TMM Only

Does not allow content that:

• False, misleading, deceptive or promissory

• Contains client testimonials which includes a client’s experience with the product

• Refers to past recommendations or performance (unless we make it clear that this for display only or work with the investment committee to comply with the really onerous rules around performance advertising)


• Use superlatives, such as “Twine is the best.”, “Twine is the greatest tool for couples.”

• Use promissory statements, such as “Reach all your goals”, “You will see returns”


• Mention that Twine can help, like “Twine can help you reach your financial goals”

• Position statements in a way that removes certainty, like “You may see returns”

How to Twine

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