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Label: desktop , education , mobile , side hustle , teaching


Description: With VIP Kid, education professionals can sign up to teach English as a second language to international students. Teachers are independent contractors, ala “Uber”. All teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience.

Payout: $9.00

Conversion action: Qualified action defined as someone who signs up and has a college degree and teaching experience.

Talking Points

-more than 250k students on China side connected to teaching platform

-over 35k teachers on US side as independent contractor

-platform that connects teachers to students

-goal is to give chinese student that north american learning experience

-6k employees, HQed in Beijing

-looking to support thier teaching community, grow their teacher base.

-teachers use this as a side hustle

-teachers travel the world and work full time for vipkid

-teach common core to foreign students

-their customers are the students

-“uber” or “lyft” model. act as a platform where they allow flexibility to their teachers.

-all teachers must have bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience

-recruit teachers and receive $50 per teacher, goes up to $180 if you’re doing over 30 teachers/month.

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