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Visor pairs you with a tax professional to get your maximum deduction with less work. After getting paired, answer a few questions, send in your forms and Visor will do the rest; all for about the price of DIY tax software.

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Pricing to the consumer:

– Tax returns start at a base price of $99. Each extra tax situation will add $99 to your price. To understand, click here

– If you pay the $99 with Visor you can file for an extension FREE

Demographic Targeting:

– Age: 25-45 years-old

– Gender: 50% male, 50% female

– Interest: Individuals looking to file their taxes through a professional CPA instead of through do-it-yourself software.

– Freelancers and gig economy workers alongside W-2 employees are all a target fit for Visor.

– Ideal customer has 0 to 1 complexity on top of their basic return

Features of Visor:

– Get Paired with a dedicated tax professional: Visor allows you to keep the same tax professional, year after year, getting to know your tax situation; no need to explain things over and over.

– Visor tax professionals are certified CPAs or EAs: Both are certified public accountants, while CPAs have additional expertise in matters like financial planning and auditing.

– Message anytime, all year ‘round: Use the visor app or website to chat with your tax pro whenever you like. Want to know the tax implications of a new life event like buying a house, choosing a retirement plan, starting a new job, having kids? Visor has you covered.

– Full-service audit protection included: In the very unlikely case that you get audited, your Visor tax professional will be there every step of the way. They can even communicate with the IRS on your behalf in some cases.

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