5 Reasons Affiliate Marketing is a Must for Mobile Apps

Woman putting together a full funnel affiliate marketing plan for her mobile app

An effective customer acquisition strategy is vital for mobile app developers and publishers looking to grow their user base. An effective strategy will leverage multiple marketing approaches in order to achieve its goals. One marketing approach that mobile app developers and publishers cannot afford to ignore but frequently do is affiliate marketing. 

In affiliate marketing, advertisers reward partners for driving conversions by providing them with unique links and promo codes to share with their audiences. The affiliates then use original content to promote the advertiser’s products. When this results in conversions like sales or app installs, the affiliate earns a commission.

Now, some marketers view affiliate marketing as an unscrupulous business where affiliates may attempt to profit through fraudulent means like fake clicks. And while it’s true that there are some affiliates out there who are not trustworthy, they give the entire industry a bad name. The truth is that, with proper vetting, an affiliate marketer can drive massive user adoption. 

If that’s not a good enough reason, though, here are 5 more reasons why affiliate marketing is a must-have for mobile apps.

  1. It’s Cost Effective

When you work with an affiliate, you only pay them when someone performs a pre-specified action. That could be simply downloading your app, but it could also be a purchase.

Unlike other advertising approaches, you don’t pay for views (the Cost per Thousand model) or even simple clicks (the Cost Per Click model). Even if an affiliate sends hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website or app on a marketplace, you only pay when those visitors take action, making affiliate marketing incredibly affordable. 

  1. Increased Reach 

Affiliates usually put in a lot of work to grow their own audiences of passionate followers.
They know that building a high-quality audience will ultimately help their advertisers. As a result, working with an affiliate helps apps reach a larger audience and customer base than they would if they were relying on organic/direct methods alone. The more eyeballs an affiliate can provide, the more potential users and ultimately downloads you’ll get.

  1. Better Brand Trust

Affiliates grow their audiences by becoming authorities in their field. Their followers trust their opinions and trust the affiliate to provide honest, transparent information. That often translates into a higher level of trust in your app and/or brand when an affiliate recommends your app. The best affiliate channels inform their readers/viewers about affiliate links in their content while providing an objective review of your product.

  1. Smarter Data & Analytics

Click fraud is always a concern when it comes to affiliate marketing, just as it is with cost-per-click advertising. Luckily, today’s technology provides detailed tracking and other important data, such as which affiliates drive the most conversions. This will help you optimize your programs for better results while avoiding paying commissions on fake clicks.

  1. Energize and Reward Loyal Users 

Affiliate marketing isn’t only for affiliates! You can actually set up your own user loyalty affiliate program by providing them with affiliate links. 

You can provide existing users with rewards, discounts, or even financial compensation when a new user signs up or downloads your app using an existing user’s personalized link. Not only can this be an effective way to grow your user base, but it also helps increase retention among existing users. 

Mobile Growth with Affiliate Marketing

Integrating affiliate marketing into the marketing mix can provide a major boost for user acquisition and growth in a cost-effective way. By partnering with properly vetted and relevant affiliates, mobile apps can expand their reach to new audiences and gain the exposure and conversions needed to stand out. 

When done right, affiliate marketing delivers real ROI for mobile apps while also providing affiliates with a valuable income opportunity through commissions on successful referrals – making it a win-win strategy.

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